About Us

Pride, Strength, Loyalty, Tenacity. These are the first descriptive terms that come to mind when looking at or thinking about the American Staffordshire terrier. Their capabilities are boundless: Strength insurmountable, desire to please unending, an ideal animal for activity and labour. Yet at the same time this breed makes a truly wonderful companion, an affable animal to family and friends, with the added capability as a guardian.


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I first fell in love with the breed when I met a friend’s Amstaff at the stable yard. A beautiful animal that was more intelligent than most humans I dealt with on a daily basis. Surrounded with animals of all sorts I quickly realised this is the perfect dog for me – active intellect, easy to train and able to fit in.


I purchased my first female Royalines Lady Dina from line (Ch. Wizage Zone Zero of Nivadi – Imp Sweden) and soon realised I wanted to breed this animal.


Striving to breed the perfect dog, the quality required for a show dog with the temperament to be your best friend.


After adding a second female to our family, we quickly found our feet in the showing ring with Xara quickly showing the quality required for a champion when she became a champion in May 2013. From here we chose to focus on showing to create champions as our aim and now we import top quality European lines to complement our ladies.


With our litters it is our aim to sell only to people that will truly love and take care of their dogs, treating them like one of the family.

Irma du Plooy
Founder of Aztrazar Kennels

Where it all started in 2010

Aztrazar Kennels was first registered with Kusa in 2010 with our first Amstaff –  Aztrazar Lady Royalines Dina from line (Ch. Wizage Zone Zero of Nivadi – Imp Sweden).

Starting at shows & achieving Champion status

In 2011 we purchased our second female Aztrazar Lady – Xara. Through her, we were introduced to our first open show and from there it exploded. We quickly started doing the Championship shows and in 2013 we registered her as our first Champion.

Breeder Accreditation & Male Import from Sweden

We imported our first Male from Sweden in 2014 – Aztrazar Cutting the Slack Rasmus. In 2015 We were given Accredited Breeder status with Kusa and our next two Champions were registered.

INT CH Firewoods Cutting the Slack of Aztrazar & CH Aztrazar Lady Blue Skye.

International & Junior Champions 2016-2019

In 2016 we registered our first International champions

INT CH Aztrazar Lady – Xara & INT CH Firewoods cutting the slack Rasmus of Aztrazar.

We went on to register champions in 2017 and 2018, but most rewarding, was being the first amstaffs in SA to be awarded a Junior Merit Award (Junior Champion) with our current babies CH JM Aztrazar Paint ‘n Picture “Jessica” and CH JM Aztrazar Legend Zorro, who both became Junior champions and Champions in 2019.

The future looks great!

Aztrazar kennels became the only breeding kennel in SA who has been tested and cleared for the dreaded disease Ataxia in 2016.

The future looks bright as we plan to import semen From “ World Champion Lobotown Puppy” to be used on our Jess and further improve the quality of our Amstaffs in SA.