Reputable Breeders vs Puppy Farmers

A reputable breeder will conform to minimum acceptable standards as laid down by KUSA.

When dealing with a reputable breeder there is a complete process that the buyer will have to follow as required by the reputable breeder. This includes but is not limited to the following: After the seller enquires about the acquisition of a puppy, the reputable breeder will normally forward a formal application to the prospective buyer. Once the buyer has returned a completed and signed application form, the reputable breeder should normally invite you to visit the breeding kennels and meet the mom and dad of the puppy as well as the breeder in person. At this stage the breeder should show you his full operation, typically the sleeping quarters of the dog, fresh water and food facilities, cleanliness of the kennel and overall health of all dogs on the property should be accessed by the prospective buyer. The prospective buyer should then ask to see the original registration certificates of the Dam and Sire. Once the prospective buyer are satisfied with the facilities and breeder and has chosen a puppy, only then a holding deposit should become payable.


Please be aware that a reputable breeder after meeting a prospective buyer can decline to place a puppy with the prospective buyer. No puppy should be placed with their new owner before 8 weeks of age. The puppy should be supplied with a medical certificate that indicates at least the first inoculation and deworming on the certificate. A formal contract between seller and buyer must be signed to cover certain eventualities for both parties. Reputable breeders are only allowed to register one litter per female per year.


In most cases a puppy farmer will not adhere to all or most of the above and this inability of the puppy farmer to comply with the minim um standards will certainly be to the detriment of the new owner and puppy as the new owner will have very little if any recourse at all. Please make sure you deal with a reputable breeder.




• Aztrazar Kennels is a KUSA Accredited Breeder – Registration number:1004857.

• Puppies occasionally available to approved and carefully screened homes.

• All puppies are inoculated, dewormed, micro chipped and checked by our vet before going to their new homes.

• All puppies come with signed KUSA registration certificates.

• Breeding restrictions are placed occasionally at our discretion.